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Why "Sweat Hard Play Hard"? We believe that fitness should be fun and that hard work should pay off. Not only do our coaches and tools help you obtain your goals and lead healthier lifestyles, but we push you to earn prizes as well!

Sweat Hard Play Hard LeadershipTeam

  • Mike Leibovitz -Onboarding Manager/Run Coach

  • Erika Tak -Ecoach

  • Amanda DeVries -Marathon Specialist/Vegan Consult

  • Stephanie Rae -Assistant Coach

  • Leonidous Christopolous -Run Co-lead

  • Jerry Seol -Fitness Coach

  • Jonathan Boorom -Fitness Coach

All of our team members want to help you achieve success. They will be there for you every step of the way with 24/7 virtual assistance and during in person events as well. 

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